Exploring Synths

Music has been a part of my life since I was very young. I was always interested in it and would pretend to play on a stage in front of an “audience” on a pull-out sofa bed and a toy guitar my parents had got me. Around the age of 15, having a real guitar became a reality and I never stopped practicing. Even today, I play out pretty regularly at a local open jam with a variety of other musicians.

Electronic music had interested me a bit but never to the point of me every getting equipment. I remember visiting Alto Music once and being fascinated with a blue synthesizer that made the most bizarre sounds I had ever heard. Sadly the price tag was well out of the reach of an 18 year old, but it is something I wish I could find again.

When scrolling on Facebook one day, I saw a mention of the Moog Sound Studio and a demo video; I don’t think it was an ad but it was someone posting in one of the groups I was in. It caught my attention as compact and modular, so I started researching the product and modular synths in general. What caught my fascination was the ability to transform the sound in almost endless ways. I immediately saw potential of pairing this type of music with my glitch videos to create a sonic and visual experience for people in a live and recorded setting.

The Moog Sound Studio is a three piece bundle that includes the Moog DFAM(Drummer from another mother), Mother-32, and Subharmonicon. I watched countless demos and started reading how to even operate these things to make sure it would fit well into the vision I see for myself. Satisfied with what I found, I ended up buying the complete set when they were on sale to save myself some money.

This system is amazing. I’m able to shape the sound in so many unique ways in what seems like a never-ending rabbit hole. The creative potential with this set outshines many of my other ventures and it has become a regular go-to for me to produce music. Since starting exploring this unique area of music, I have made it a personal goal of myself to release a 6 track album every month for the remainder of the year. It is an ambitious challenge but something I’m using to push myself musically in new and uncharted realms.

5 albums have been released already with 1 more planned. Search “Psycho Moon Project” on all streaming platforms, links to a few are below: