Main Street Arts Sprawling Visions 2023

Sprawling Visions was the first exhibit for 2023 at Main Street Arts in Clifton Springs, NY. It ran from Jan 7th to Feb 22nd 2023. I had found them while looking for galleries that have open calls for art and hastily applied. At the time I was only doing digital glitches based on my black and white photography. One of the pieces was a photograph of an old red wagon and the other was taken at Ontario Beach Park.

At the time I was incredibly new to the art world. I hadn’t even branded on “Distorted Reality” yet and was still finding my way. I knew it was a bit of a long shot to get accepted, but there’s rarely any harm in trying. To my surprise, my work was accepted and this became the first art gallery to accept my work for display.

I had large format prints done by WhiteWall and when they came in I was completely in awe at the quality.

I made it to the opening of the show with my wife and milled around the gallery with the other artists and viewers. Seeing my work up on the wall, alongside other artists, was a complete surreal experience. Also, they have amazing bread.

I consider this a pivotal part of my artistic career and validation that what I am doing has wider appeal. Glitch art isn’t just a niche; it has a way to transform how we view the world and challenge perceptions of reality.

I’m actively working on submitting my pieces to other galleries and hope to expand my reach in the coming year. I want to thank Brad at MSA for giving my art an opportunity to be viewed by the public.