Live Visuals – Reflection on the show at the Downstairs in Ithaca 8/29

I set out with two goals for this year; one was to get my art in more galleries and the second was to do one live visual show. I can happily say that both of these goals have been achieved!

Through connections I’ve made from performing live with Adam Arritola, a request was put out for someone to do live visuals for an upcoming show in Ithaca. I quickly hopped on the request and was booked to perform visuals for the gig. I had been practicing live visuals in preparation for such an opportunity and was excited for tackling the challenge.

For each of the artists I created a setlist for them of different visual clips and effects. I listened to some of their music and asked them how they “saw” their performance and matched my footage to that. I mixed together footage I’ve taken, custom glitch footage I’ve done, and some stock video to put together an amazing visual performance. I also used a Glitchwerks Chromafield for some live glitch visuals of the performers.

The event went really well; the artists were pleased with the show they had. It certainly added a bit extra flair to what was going on. I was able to capture some video which is up on YouTube: